Ray DePaul

Ray DePaul has 25 years of experience in the high tech industry. He has lead RapidMind Inc. through it's development before being acquired by Intel, and played a key role in RIM's growth. He now serves as the Director for the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Mount Royal University. 

Archetypes: Sage, Explorer

Patti Derbyshire
Creative Director

In addition to serving as Creative Director, Patti is also the Chair of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Social Innovation at Mount Royal University. Patti is also a prolific entrepreneur, having been profiled twice as a "Top 40 Under 40" and is now working on her passion project, Torch Motorcycles.

Archetypes: Outlaw, Ruler

Nicole MacDougall
Managing Director

Nicole’s knowledge easily expands beyond marketing - she is well practiced in the medical industry, and plays competitive dodgeball. Above all, Nicole prides herself on being a great copywriter, consistently paying attention to fine details. 

Archetype: Ruler, Sage

Reid Larsen
Senior Project Manager

Reid is the jack of all trades. When Reid is passionate about something, you’ll know it right away. He is a huge advocate for just about every sport, Canmore and all of our clients here at Design4Change.

Archetypes: Sage, Caregiver

Emily Bartlett
Communications Specialist

Emily is incredibly passionate about any startup or social enterprise that makes its way into Design4Change. Her dedication and commitment to clients is consistently showcased through her project work and school involvement. 

Archetypes: Sage, Jester

Kevin Chan

Kevin’s goal is to create beautiful pieces of work that are both informative and visually appealing. Kevin takes an interest from artists Olly Moss, David Choe and Makoto Shinkai and uses their work as inspiration from time to time. 

Archetypes: Creator, Sage

IMG_6754_edit2 copy.jpg

Kelci Hilferty
Social Media Coordinator

Kelci loves all things creative, and is easily inspired by her hobbies which include travelling, singing and knolling, the art of taking pictures of similar objects in a visually appealing way.  

Archetypes: Innocent, Explorer


Julia Browning

Julia enjoys the balance of the professional and creative aspects of Information Design. As an artist, Julia is able to explore her creative side while working in an agency environment.

Archetypes: Outlaw, Creator

Marshall Dunnet
Photographer & Videographer

Marshall's goal is to tell stories through a visual lens. He is always pushing his boundaries and finding new styles to suit the stories he is telling. 

Archetypes: Jester, Explorer