For over 100 years, Mount Royal University (MRU) has provided quality educational experiences and small class sizes to prepare students for life after graduation. MRU ranks among the top Canadian universities in quality of teaching, student satisfaction, and overall educational experience. Design4Change has a unique relationship with MRU, as the agency is a subsidiary of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on campus. Design4Change set out to create a variety of websites, videos, research templates, and graphic design assets with the intent of providing on-brand pieces while informing prospective and current students about what MRU has to offer.

Design4Change began their relationship with MRU with the intent of making each program, faculty, or institute feel unique in the MRU ecosystem while staying true to the greater brand. This purpose is a fundamental component of what makes the relationship between Design4Change and MRU so successful. Design4Change has created countless videos, websites, research templates, and graphic designs for a variety of MRU community members. 

Design4Change has supported Mount Royal’s Marketing and Communications team by taking on projects that exceed the capacity of their existing marketing resources. This has also enabled Design4Change to identify and solve marketing problems for MRU programs, faculties and institutes as they develop their own internal brands.