Graphic Design Resources

Hi there! My name is Kevin and I have been a graphic designer at Design4Change for almost two years. Over these two years, I have worked with multiple educational departments throughout Mount Royal University, as well as a few external clients. I help produce a wide range of work, including ads, postcards, bookmarks, and refining documents to make them more visually appealing. My goal is to make these assets convey the message that our clients want to send to their audience. This blog isn’t about my work but it is about the resources I use to inspire my work.


Typewolf is a great resource to use when you’re unsure of what font will make your work stand out. The site itself gives some great recommendations of what fonts to use (free and paid) and it also provides a wide range of typography resources. 


If you’re ever having a problem looking for a great photo to use, AllTheFreeStock is the way to go. It allows you to search for any image you want - for free! It also provides free goodies such as mockups, stock video, sound effects, fonts, icons, and many more.

Inspiration Hut

Need more inspiration? Inspiration Hut is my go-to resource. If ever i’m out of great ideas, this site showcases different forms of graphic design, illustrations and photography. It provides its users with free downloads and cheap design deals!

Digital Arts

Doing graphic design work can be overwhelming for beginners. When I started out, I used Digital Arts. Digital Arts is full of tutorials and guides all about graphic design. They invite guest designers to demonstrate how they work from start to finish!

I hope you learned a thing or two about what i'm truly passionate about! Graphic Design and Design4Change has allowed me to explore my creativity and expand my knowledge. If you're interested to see what work I have produced, or if you're looking for your own masterpiece, don't be scared to give us a shout!

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