My Preach For Inspiration

It takes a special someone to be able to inspire a room of people, or even just one person. It’s not only what the person says to get ahold of the audience’s attention, trust, and open mindedness, but it’s their ability to speak in a confident manner. Not cocky, but confident and logical.

This blog isn’t a step-by-step guide for how to inspire people, but it’s to display the importance of inspiration, so you can understand it as a tool for your organization or even for yourself.

The act of being inspired doesn’t involve someone asking another to do something in a nice way. Really, it’s not that at all. Inspiring someone has more to do with convincing someone that they are worthy to act in a big or small way to create some sort of change*. The decision to make that change still lies with the audience.

Inspiration plays a very key role in my life. In my spare time (ha!), I am the president of Enactus Mount Royal - an organization that works to create social enterprises through entrepreneurial action. The whole team has about 70 members. Once in awhile, when motivation is low, a spark of inspiration is just what the team needs. Sometimes this spark comes from an attempt at a motivational speech on my part, or I bring someone in, or I use a video. My point is, even five minutes of inspiration can be a game-changer. I’ve seen individuals go from being ready to quit to being ready to change the world within a five minute timespan.

When it’s been awhile since I’ve been inspired and logically convinced that I can be the cause of something amazing, I have a difficult time pushing forward.

This is totally normal.

Let me just say here that this is in no way a reassuring/self-help blog. Apart from educating you on the impact of inspiration, it’s an advice blog and just so you don’t miss the message in my subtle hints so far, here it is more bluntly: Allow yourself to be vulnerable to inspiration. This can be done by simply opening up your imagination and that little place in our brains connected to rationalization and then marrying the two.

We have a lot of startups and small businesses as clients at Design4Change. We’re a small business ourself. Inspiration isn’t what gets us through the day, but it is what pushes us to become something more.

If you want to do more, remind yourself of why you are doing something, or just have that extra push in the day, then find your inspiration.

To close this blog off, here is some light inspiration for your day.


*Change is a scary word to some people. “Change” is a very wide range. Your change doesn’t have to affect the world, but it’s important to remember that your change can very well make a difference and even result in affecting the world. There are two sides to this range and a heck of a lot in between.

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