What Happens When a Journalist Walks into a Marketing Agency?

I’m a journalist. I wouldn’t say I’m a hard hitting “newsy” type of journalist, reporting on the number of car accidents happening in our city, but I do love to tell a good story!

Throughout my schooling, I’ve noticed misconceptions when it comes to journalists, particularly in the way people assume we arrive at the scene of the crime only to report the news and go home. What the majority of the public doesn’t understand is that journalism expands beyond what you read in the paper or watch on the news.

The art of journalism has equipped me with a variety of skills, many of which overlap with marketing. In one way or another, marketers are here to tell a story – whether that be the story about a company, product, or person. How either marketers or journalists tell that story is, well, another story.

There are so many ways we’re able to get a story, message, or point across; through videography, photography, graphic design, a written document, or even song, we are able to provide information, using a resource that best suits our target audience.  

Now we question the difference between a marketer and journalist and what we can learn from each other.

From a journalist’s point of view, working in a marketing environment has allowed me to learn new points of view and approaches to the skills I already have. I’ve also learned to go beyond, telling the audience about the what, but also to understand and share the why. Why is this product or service useful to you? Why are we the superior option in comparison to our competitors? Why should you buy now? This expansion of skills and understanding of purpose has aided me in a potential marketing career and continues to help me grow as a journalist.

Being a journalist in the marketing industry has also taught me about visual storytelling. In the journalism industry, the main point in visual storytelling is to tell the story. In marketing, I have expanded the skill of visual storytelling into not only the story, but the art. Design4Change has allowed me to add a unique combination of journalism and marketing, or the what and the why, into my work.

The way I see it at the end of the day, journalists and marketers are storytellers. We both have adopted the proper skills to get a message across in a unique way that makes sense to our audience. We may approach or ask questions differently in our research, but the beauty of mixing journalism and marketing together creates pieces of work with a strong story and visuals.

At Design4Change we pride ourselves on collaboration and involvement from the entire team. This allows us to grow in time for the next client, as well as provide our clients with marketing materials that answer the questions to both ‘what are you providing me?’ and ‘why is this useful to me?’.

As a journalist working for a marketing agency, I remind myself to ensure I’m working with a purpose. With that, I can be just as successful in a marketing role as I would in journalism, and that is what motivates me to continue learning.

Maria DardanoComment