How the Tilt Brush is Changing the Way We Design

Design is changing everyday. Whether that be with trends or technology, the way we design is developing constantly. The reason behind this is simple: people get bored very quickly. In order to keep our consumers attracted to the work we create, it is crucial to challenge the status quo.

The newest and most exciting addition to design is the Tilt Brush by Google. This virtual system allows you to draw three dimensional, life sized images while playing with dynamic brushes to give your projects added value. Personally, I think the most exciting part of this new technology is the fact that it allows you to walk around the art you have created. With this addition, your three-dimensional image is right in front, behind, or around you, depending on where you are moving.

The Tilt Brush is a file that can be purchased and downloaded on the HTC Vive, which is a virtual system used for a variety of different activities. Although you may look a little crazy wearing the entire virtual system, the work you will create with this amazing technology is worth it.

At Design4Change, we are always looking to push the envelope with our work. With regards to graphic design, the Tilt Brush is a great way to challenge and explore your creative side. If this technology isn’t in your price range, the knowledge of the product is a great starting point to explore the ways you can challenge yourself creatively, without making the financial investment.

Design has progressed from pen and paper to mouse and screen, and we thought that was cool enough. However, the fact that design has grown so much over the years and isn’t nearly close to hitting the end, is a perfect example of how there is so much room for manipulation and challenging entities of design.

So, whether you spend over $1,000 on technology, or challenge Tilt Brush’s advancements, you are breaking the norms of design. That in itself makes you a designer.

Maria DardanoComment