Don't Forget About Your Roots

In marketing, an audience demands attention. When brands give in to this demand on a regular basis, loyal customers are formed.

The music industry is a prime example of how quickly our minds bounce from one subject to the next when the first subject fails to hold our attention. Luckily, social media exists and seeing what an artist ate for lunch today is fascinating enough to keep us around.

In this blog, I’ll pick out a couple of the best social media marketers in the music industry and explain how they keep us hooked.




The Arkells are a Canadian rock band that never seems to ghost in and out of our lives. With a constant and diverse social media presence, we don’t feel as though we are being sold to, but as if the band wants to share their lives with us; a skill that only the best brands seem to pull off.

Strictly looking at Arkells’ Instagram page, a humble vibe is sensed. This not only keeps themselves within their Canadian roots, but it shortens the distance of success between us, the little people, and the continually rising artist that Arkells have become. Their diverse posts ranging from inside the recording studio, to playing a massive show, to watching a Blue Jays game on Canada Day not only reminds us they exist, but they live a life apart from music that is relatable to our own.

Switching to their Twitter page, we get the same humble vibe, but it’s all about us - the fans!

The band appears so down to earth and as though they are genuinely having a great time. This contagious down to earth trait completes the brand that Arkells are creating.


The Strumbellas

Another Canadian artist worth mentioning as we find them in the midst of their big break are The Strumbellas.

I became a big fan of The Strumbellas in preparation for the 2015 Calgary Folk Festival. I immediately fell in love with their folky, down-to-earth sound and became an instant advocate. At the festival, it was obvious that I wasn’t the only one that believed in their sound and approachable style. Hundreds of fans physically followed the band throughout the course of the festival, an obvious return of the brand The Strumbellas had built for themselves.

Like the Arkells, The Strumbellas’ Twitter page, it is very much so revolved around fans and retweeting interviews of the band. They are in that awkward stage of proving they are credible, so retweeting and showing that others are talking about them is essential to their continued success.

On Instagram, the range of photos makes it seem as though they are still a local band playing shows in neighbourhood pubs and touring cities, while promoting their music. This works unbelievably well for the band as it’s comforting to the advocates that were with them from the beginning and saw them in those low-key venues. The band is still within reach and makes your advocating duties still important. Their posts allow you to believe that you, as a brand champion, can still add to their success.

Success on social media is creating advocates for your brand and keeping them happy!

So now what? Take some time to reflect and re-evaluate. Ask yourself critically, what made your clients fall in love with your brand in the first place? When your business hits its big break, will you adapt your brand or is it effective enough as is?

Whether you’re in the early stages of your music career, or if you’re in the tech industry trying to build awareness around your product, always consider how your roots can add to your brand.


Emily BartlettComment