'Twas The Night Before Christmas - D4C Rendition

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'Twas the week of Christmas, when all through the workplace,

All the clients were stirring, in need of a marketing tool case;

Their Hootsuite's were stocked full of content with care,

They counted on D4C and boy were we there.


They could have worried about a brand gone dead,

But they chose to hire our little agency instead;

They spent time with their families, as this year’s business was a wrap,

Some even settled down for a well deserved nap.


Now I just may be some copywriting formatter,

But I’ll give some tips to those who thought latter.

You didn’t think to hire D4C and save time or cash,

That’s okay though, the decision was a little rash.


Let me tell you how to make your brand awareness grow,

Cause let’s face it, right now it really does blow.

When, what to your wandering eyes should appear,

But a miniature office and six workers with marketing careers;


With a pretty cool manager, so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment it must be Nic(ole).

More rapid than eagles her coursers they came,

And she whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;


"Now, KELCI! Now, REID! Now, JULIA and KEVIN!


To the top of MRU’s business building! To the end of the hall!

Now brand away! Brand away! Brand away all!"


Right before we leave, with excitement sky-high,

After successfully implementing the “old college try”,

We take a look back at the brands that grew,

Maybe next year, one of our success stories will be you.


PS. we’ll be closed starting December 21st,

I know, I know - it’s the absolute worst!

But fear not! On the 3rd of January we’ll be around,

For marketing of all sorts, including inbound.


Now back to our success stories, we owe it to you,

Without your support, D4C would be through;

With a bundle of brand options to keep your business on track,

We loved having you and your marketing mystery to crack!


Those brands - how they twinkle! From Children First Canada to MakeItMerry;

We’re here to help, the last thing we are is scary!

Oh boy, do we love watching your brand grow,

In 2017 hire us, sit back and watch the show;


We can’t wait to find out what lies underneath,

Your current brand...what’s a nice word for heath?

We’re only kidding of course, but we would love to help,

Let’s just say if your D4C’d brand was a swimmer, it would likely be Phelps.


But for now, we recommend you take time for yourself,

Focus on you and your own mental health!

I know, you probably want to meet us already,

We’ll be here in 2017, armed with Adobe and ready.


Congrats on your year, I’m sure you did great work.

Give thanks to your employees, every office clerk.

As we approach the day of the ole MRU close,

We’ll set our emails up for vacation - as every good worker knows.


We’ll spring to the door, but turn back at 2016 for a bit,

A few moments sucked, but overall it was legit.

We hope your holidays are fab, with your marketing done right;



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