Superheroes of Social Media

Image by Gage Skidmore

Image by Gage Skidmore

Facebook is your Tony Stark of social media platforms. In addition to wealth, intelligence, and a persuasive charm, both Facebook and Stark are effortlessly likable. While Stark attracts the ladies, your company’s Facebook page aims to attract a larger following and keep the interest of its current audience. While Stark is financially rich, your Facebook account is rich with gadgets needed gain more attention, whether that be video, the ‘share’ function, or the extensive analytics pages. Facebook is your networking sidekick, so use it to talk to everyone in your target market. To be successful on Facebook, you must adopt Stark’s outgoing confidence that will support your knowledge of the marketplace.  

Like Batman, your company’s Twitter should get straight to the point. Both Batman and Twitter have the ability to say a lot by saying very little. Whether it’s a social media management tool or the ‘retweet’ function, Twitter has the solution to everything around its utility belt. Twitter’s audience is very needy and requires a lot of attention, so be sure to answer quick when your bat symbol shines in the sky!

With its witty and innocent charm, Instagram is much like Spider-Man. Instagram is new in the business world and still proving itself. When someone doesn’t have faith in Instagram or Spider-Man, they are quickly proven wrong. Instagram is a great tool to use when connecting with your audience, creating innovative CTA’s and showing off some of your work. Peter Parker and Instagram have its own insecurities. Peter’s insecurities come from his high school years and Instagram can relate. Instagram posts are judged by its cover because the image is much more visible than its caption. This can be used to you advantage though, as an image is worth 1,000 words. 

Whether it’s one platform, or multiple, social media has come to save the day. Not only does it make you more visible to new clients, but it allows your business to be a lot more approachable for all stakeholders. If you need to save Gotham, Batman is the guy for you, but if you want to rise above your competitors, you can find the social media platforms that are right for the job!

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