A Brand New Perspective

Why Branding Exists
Think of the people you trust most in your life. They’re dependable, loyal, and authentic. Now think of your favorite brands. Pretty much the same qualities right? Trust creates a meaningful connection, whether that be between two friends or a business and consumer. 

Now what happens when you interact with a brand that doesn’t have these qualities? It’s an empty relationship. You may buy a product or service if the deal is right, but you certainly don’t trust them. This is why branding exists. Your business has to have a meaningful voice that connects with your target audience if you ever want to build trust.

Building a Brand
Okay so branding is important, but how do you create a brand customers will love? First things first, your business needs a personality your target customer can relate to. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? It’s harder than you may think. When most of us write, advertise, or brand, we do so in our own voice. This doesn’t work for businesses. We need to write, advertise, and brand for our business as if we were the customer viewing the final piece of work. If we only think of ourselves, we are only helping ourselves. Your brand has to be built for your customers.

Pretend I am a tricycle salesman. Without thinking of my target market and who I am branding my business for, I might say “Our tricycles are really fun and come in all different colors. Buy one today!” This may sound like a great pitch to the child who wants a tricycle, but the parents will be making the final purchase decision. Our job is to create a brand that excites both the child and the parent. In this case, the child will connect with the most fun, colorful tricycle out there. The parents will connect with a brand that cares for the children as much as they do. Parents wants their children to be safe, but they also want them to have fun with their toys. “Your children will love our tricycles and you’ll love how safe they are. Buy one today!” Much better. 

So What? 
Effective branding creates a lasting emotional connection between your business and your customers. If your consumers don’t feel passionate about your brand, it is unlikely they will ever become loyal. They may buy from your business once in a while, but they won’t think twice about switching if they find the right deal. The best source of sustainable business is loyal customers. 

Loyalty is why many Canadians would rather buy their coffee from Tim Hortons over other coffee shops with similar products and pricing. Tim Hortons has built a lasting relationship with Canadians through community involvement, shared Canadian values, and delivering consistent products. Branding your company right is the difference between creating loyal customers and simply trying to sell products. Focus on building a great brand that puts its customers first, creates trust, and delivers an outstanding product.