Getting Sort of Good at Something

A few months back I wrote a post about what it’s like to be new at something, and have seen my skills develop since then.

When I wrote that post I was still pretty new to the skills I was developing; graphic art and aggressive inline rollerblading. It was hard to notice any improvements and progress was slow, but after a few solid months, I started to notice small changes that made my effort apparent. After I started to see quality works of mine coming out of Photoshop and Illustrator and stuck my first Rocket Grab, I felt that my dedication was paying off.

It was dedication that reminded me of a blog post I read from one of our clients.

The blog post was discussing the concept of ‘grit’. Grit is the ability to stick to a task and to keep going back to it in order to improve. Grit is what is necessary to become the best of the best, and it ensures that a person will never settle for being only ‘good’.

Olympic athletes are one of the greatest examples of grit out there. Not only do they dedicate their lives to achieve their current level of mastery, but they continue to shave milliseconds off their time to become even stronger. Olympians look to who is the best and strive to be better, and when they are the best, they work to be even better than that.

The clients we get at Design4Change are all grit. They represent the Olympians of the business world because of their dedication to improving and growing their businesses. Even some of our biggest clients, like the Calgary Stampede, don’t let their success distract them from their desire to expand even further to become even better than they were before.

Our clients come to us because they know that engaging marketing and communication will help them become an even stronger brand. These companies understand that regardless of how good they are already, there is room to improve any aspect of their business. They have the grit to become world players and highly influential entities. The creators of these businesses will dedicate everything they have into improving themselves and their business. They improve themselves by involving Design4Change’s top notch talent to help them on their journey.

Even though I have come far from a beginner, I know that to become a master I have to up my grit, no matter what challenges come up.

So whether your grit is leading you to expand your business’s reach outward and upward, or to get back on your skates after a bad wipeout, dedication is what is necessary to become an influential figure in your field.