When Do Companies Really Make It?

When we think of companies that have really made it, we think of Apple, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, etc; but at what point do these companies rise above the others?

The answer is simple.

Companies reach this all-star stage when they are able to branch off from their base marketing campaigns. They are capable of running multiple campaigns at once that have little to nothing to do with each other (besides the company name, tone, and a few other aspects), because it’s now the essence of the company that they are selling.

We know that the polar bears around Christmas time and the Open Happiness campaign are both by Coca-Cola, because they give off the vibe of Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola polar bears have been around since 1993 and we look forward to it every year. Most people, if not all, who see a Coca-Cola advertisement will have tried the product before, so it’s hardly about the product anymore...now it’s about our relationship with Coca-Cola.

A company has truly made it when your audience *clicks* with your mantra. Now they understand why the company exists, besides to sell a product or service, they believe in the experience.

Now my question is, how do they make it to this milestone?

Spoiler Alert: We have no freaking clue.

There have been dozens of studies in attempt to discover what the exact equation of a successful company is, but there is no answer besides hard work and good timing. We really have no clue if there is a single formula we can follow to create a successful company.

Maybe this ideology is where the phrase “you haven’t made it until you’ve really made it” comes from.

Emily BartlettComment