Emotional Branding (Just For Fun)


Famous things have personalities. Celebrities have personalities, but who do you think of when you think of Nike? Probably an inspirational athlete. What about Green Day? Probably a punk rocker. 

Humans like to assign human qualities to non-human things, whether they are animals, objects, or companies. Creating a personality for an organization is called emotional branding. We do it through a process called archetyping.

Archetyping involves finding personalities that are consistent across cultures and selecting one or more to define exactly what a brand’s voice will be. This voice guides creative decision making for all marketing materials, so the brand remains consistent in every situation. 
At Design4Change, we archetype our clients. Today, we’re going to archetype some musicians instead (just for fun).

Lady Gaga - The Outlaw
‘Rules are meant to be broken’ is the motto that Outlaws live by. Lady Gaga’s deliberate self-positioning as an artist that shocks and offends puts her squarely in this archetype. And in a meat-suit.

Tenacious D - The Jester
If you haven’t heard of Tenacious D, you should take a minute and watch the video for ‘Rock is Dead.’ Trust us, it’s worth it. Tenacious D’s songs (occasionally) cover serious issues, but even then they tell it with a laugh and a smile, just like the Jester.

Enrique Iglesias - The Lover
An artist singing about lust and driven by a passion for music, Enrique Iglesias is a Latin lover among Latin lovers. His raw emotional style appeals to listeners on a primal level, a defining characteristic of the Lover archetype.

If you look closely, every successful band has a personality, and the same is true for brands. Successful brands emulate human beings, and grow to be recognized as unique personalities by the public. Defining their archetypes ensures their voice, style, and presence remain consistent from start until finish.